About ATG

ATG Schools, formerly known as ATG Consulting Team, began as a testing service provider for Certiport, offering a variety of Microsoft exams.  As the demand for our services grew, so did the portfolio of exams we proctored.

Today, ATG Testing Center offers over 700 exams through 12 largest providers in the United States, including ACT, Castle, Certiport, Comira, iNarte, Kryterion, MSSC, NALA, NRFSP, PAN, Pearson, and Prometric.

Over the years, our team also developed training programs in the following categories:

Computer School
Dealer School
Notary School
Traffic School

ATG Schools is also offering the following services:

Business Formation
Dealer Services
Translation Services
Apostille Services
Mobile Livescan
Mobile Notary
Mobile Proctor
Room for Hire

ATG Auto Group