QuickBooks 2016 Level 2 Outline

Lesson 1

Entering a New Memorized Transaction
Editing a Memorized Transaction
Deleting a Memorized Transaction
Using a Memorized Transaction
Printing the Memorized Transaction List

Lesson 2

Creating a Custom Template
Modifying a Template
Printing Forms

Lesson 3

Other QuickBooks Account Types
Working with Credit Card Transactions
Working with Fixed Assets
Working with Long-Term Liability Accounts
Using the Loan Manager

Lesson 4

Creating QuickReports
Customizing QuickReports
Memorizing QuickReports
Running Preset Reports
Customizing Preset Reports
Sharing Reports
Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
Printing Reports

Lesson 5

Creating QuickInsight Graphs
Using QuickZoom with Graphs
Working with the Sales Graph
Customizing Graphs
Printing Graphs

Lesson 6

Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
Indicating Who and What Gets Taxed
Applying Tax to Each Sale
Determining What You Owe
Paying Your Tax Agencies

Lesson 7

Using Payroll Tracking
Setting Up for Payroll
Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
Setting Up a Payroll Schedule
Writing a Payroll Check
Printing Paycheck Stubs
Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
Paying Payroll Taxes
Preparing Payroll Tax Forms