Traffic School Mature Driver Online Course

ATG Schools is offering Mature Driver Online course for only $17.95.

California drivers age 55 and older can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing a mature driver improvement course. Insurers are mandated to reduce rates for three years, but the amount of the discount varies with each insurance provider; check with your agent for the details.

Finish the course at your own pace by signing in and out as you need to (at the end of each brief chapter), and complete the short review quizzes and final exam right on your computer. It couldn’t be any easier!

After you pass the course, we’ll mail to you a Certificate of Completion to present to your insurer to claim your discount.

“Insurance Reduction” Course

The “initial” course is for drivers who have never before completed our mature driver improvement course. The DMV requires that such courses be at least 6 hours in length.

“Renewal” Course

If you’ve already been enjoying an auto insurance premium discount for completing our mature driver improvement course, however, you can easily extend your three-year eligibility by completing the 4 hours “renewal” course.

For more information about each course or to register for any of the courses listed above please visit